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Udhiyah / Qurbanis an Islamic tradition that honors the commitment and trust of the Prophet Ibrahim PBUH, to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala .
Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala commanded Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son. Even though he loved his son more than anything in the world, Prophet Ibrahim knew he must obey the command of Allah, Almighty. He consulted with his son, who said he should do as he was commanded by Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala .
So the father and son resolved to carry out Allah’s will. And this willingness was all that was needed—Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala replaced Prophet Ibrahim’s PBUHson with a great ram.
Giving Udhiyah/Qurbani provides us with the opportunity to follow Prophet Ibrahim's Subhanahu wa ta'ala example ... to show our willingness to give ... and to provide aid to our brothers and sisters in need.

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Why give through IRUSA?


Life is hard when food is hard to come by. In fact 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat; and poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – that’s 3.1 million children each year.

Islamic Relief’s annual Qurbani/Udhiyah program provides a way for generous donors to give the gift of meat to needy families around the world. Your financial sacrifice—paying for the livestock animal—brings joy directly to those in need.

For some, a Qurbani/Udhiyah meat donation for Eid may be the only meat that they get to eat the entire year.

That means that families across the globe rely on your generosity for this special package—it’s a blessing for a child who really needs that source of nutrition to survive.

You can give your own Qurbani meat to family and friends nearby, of course, but what if you could reach a family far from you—who are living in some of the worst conditions imaginable—and give them that gift?

If you could send your Qurbani anywhere in the world, where would you want your Qurbani to go to make the biggest impact?

You can reach families in dire need far away with meat that could provide them relief and sustenance during difficult times—families in Syria, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, Sudan, across the United States, and more.

And IRUSA’s Qurbani program uses 100% halal meat, sourced locally whenever possible to support the local economy of the country you are sending to. The meat is also distributed fresh in most of the countries we’re able to serve, and if the situation is especially difficult, as in conflict zones, we can send frozen or canned halal meat so it can arrive to families in good condition.

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This year, your donations will, insha’Allah, help Islamic Relief provide Udhiyah/Qurbani to hundreds of thousands of people across the world. That means nutritious and healthy meals for so many of our brothers and sisters in need.

IRUSA's Udhiyah/Qurbani program is being offered in 26 countries, including right here at home in the United States.

Make your Udhiyah/Qurbani gift go farther by donating through Islamic Relief USA!

$100 or less

$110 to $195

$200 or more

  • India: $60 fresh

  • Sri Lanka: $60 fresh

  • Chad: $75 fresh

  • Malawi: $75 fresh

  • Niger: $75 fresh

  • Zimbabwe: $80 fresh

  • Bangladesh: $90 fresh

  • Ethiopia: $95 fresh

  • Kenya: $95 fresh

  • Mali: $95 fresh

  • Sudan: $110 fresh

  • Somalia: $125 fresh

  • Pakistan: $135 fresh

  • Chechnya: $140 fresh

  • Bosnia: $155 canned

  • Kosova: $160 frozen

  • USA: $160 fresh

  • South Africa: $175 fresh

  • Iraq: $190 canned

  • Yemen: $190 fresh

  • Jordan: $195 canned

  • Afghanistan: $225 fresh

  • Syria: $230 fresh

  • Lebanon: $250 fresh

  • China: $255 fresh

  • Palestine: $345 fresh

Mai Bhanol's Story




Mai's husband passed away, and she has lived trying to support her nine children on her own. She makes blankets at home to sell with two of her daughters, but they survive in dire conditions.

They live on the banks of the River Sindh, and each time the monsoon rains and floods come, becuase their house is made of mud, they lose everything.

They don’t have any livestock or land of their own. They don’t have a kitchen or bathroom. They are forced to relieve themselves in the fields. Her children can’t afford to go to school after primary school. All the food they have includes wheat flour, bread of maize and rice, occasionally with potatoes and dry vegetables from local markets. Meat is especially too expensive for them. Her children are malnourished and have health problems as a result.

When an Islamic Relief donor helped to provide a meat package to Mai Bhanol and her family during Eid, tears flooded her eyes. Right away she praised Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. Then she thanked her donor and Islamic Relief with her tears flowing.

“God sent me an angel to help us in the shape of Islamic Relief. This shows that there are still people in this world who possess soft hearts with sympathy for needy people. My prayers are always with donors. May God give them rewards for the kindness they have shown.”

Mai Bhanol

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Some FAQs About Udhiy/Qurbani


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How many people does Islamic Relief USA’s Udhiyah/Qurbani program benefit?

In 2013, Islamic Relief USA’s donors gave meat to more than 423,000 people around the world.

Which animals are used?

The animals used are an’aam animals, such as sheep, goats, cows and buffalo. The animals must be healthy, free from blindness and chronic sickness or disease or from any apparent ailment, and must be of a fit age. One sheep or goat equals one Qurbani donation; one cow or buffalo equals seven Qurbani donations. Our prices equal one share—one sheep or goat, or one-seventh of a cow or buffalo.

What kind of meat does the Udhiyah/Qurbani program use?

Our program uses 100% halal meat. Meat is sourced locally whenever possible, to support the local economy. It is distributed fresh whenever possible, though in difficult situations like conflict zones, we may send frozen or canned meat so it can arrive to the recipients in good condition. All logistics—from sacrifice to transportation—are handled in accordance with shariah law, and with the best hygienic practices possible.

Who receives Islamic Relief USA’s Udhiyah/Qurbani program meat?

Beneficiaries selected to receive meat include widows, orphans, the destitute, the elderly, people with disabilities, refugees and disaster-affected populations—generally, people who cannot afford to buy meat often and whose diets are lacking in calories and nutrition. Many of the recipients of Udhiyah/Qurbani donations live in remote areas which are typically inaccessible—Islamic Relief makes every effort to reach them in order to provide aid to some of the most vulnerable community members.

What does Udhiyah/Qurbani mean?

The word Qurbani is an Urdu and Farsi word derived from the Arabic Qurban, which means an act performed to seek Allah's pleasure. It and Udhiyah are used in reference to the donating of an an'aam animal (camel, cattle, sheep, goat), in the name of Allah, to serve as charity in feeding those in need.

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